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VR for training:

Fully immersive learning


Your performance matters

Is VR the future of learning ?

We bring Virtual Reality (VR) to the world of corporate training so that all of your learning experiences are fully immersive
We use virtual reality technology for practice and learning to amplify real experiences, replicating substantial aspects of the real world in a fully interactive manner.

With VR technology for training you will be able to learn through real-life situations, a method which is much more effective than traditional training. VR training has the potential to engage students in « deep learning » that empowers understanding and application as opposed to « surface learning » that requires only memorization. 

Studies show
People perform better in a VR-based environment because they
are able to learn by doing!


Fully customisable

Adaptable to whatever context and needs of your organisation.

Everything is possible!



Gain a depth of experience and knowledge you cannot get any other way. Continuous training and practice until one masters the skills.


Ready to use

No implementation, no trouble We provide you with the ready-to-use solution and all the equipment necessary.



Real scenarios and equipment which get you prepared to handle any kind of scenarios or situations.

Fully immersive learning.


Allows practice in handling high risk situations, whenever it is too risky to train for in reality, While never compromising your safety.


Go beyond the restrictions of traditional training and offer a mobile and interactive learning solution to your staff.


Health and Pharma

identification and treatment of pathologies, calculation of medication dose rates ; science and medical training

Aerospace and defence

simulating equipment use , training procedures and assess load requirements ;

Non-industry specific

using specific software ; improving management skills ; learning to manage virtual teams

Industry and Manufacture

simulating operating devices ; solving problems with high-risk components, recognising and handling safety hazards.

Financial services and Telecom

identification of financial products ; training on procedures and financial analysis ; assistance and repairing of smartphones ;


practicing customer service and sales; processing requests on IT systems

Logistics and supply

assessing safety and quality of products ; mimic production planning and distribution

Well actually anywhere !

Wherever there is a potential to learn, there is a possibility to apply VRlearn