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The secret ingredient to an extraordinary training performance


The concept of training is so wide that many times it becomes confusing and not practical enough. Our experience in a learning context with numerous participants and places has shown us that each and every person has a very own and different idea of what is training: many think of it as something boring or somewhat routine, others just something to add to a CV as training hours.


However everybody wishes the same: a useful, practical, happy experience with moments for sharing and to be surprised. Training can and should be: pleasant, happy and motivating, an inspiring experience to return to work and perform at an even better level.


But how? Is this really possible or just an ideal?


Well the answer is yes,  it is possible!

It all must start with the trainer. These are the trainer’s golden rules:



1º Plan the training with empathy

Every time we plan a training; we should consider and position ourselves as participants, as if we were the ones participating in the training. This way it will be easier to choose what will be more useful and interesting for our public.

It is a good starting point to conquer the interest of our participants. And someone who is interested in what you are saying will retain more of what you say (better memory retention)



2º Create a perfect atmosphere

Who likes to work in a heavy, tiring and sad environment? No one does! Then why would we like to learn this way? This step is essential: create a connection between people, allow for experiences sharing, promote respect among participants independently of diverging opinions and promote a positive and healthy exchange.

Another tip? Using dynamic and positive methodologies can help create and maintain the light context and atmosphere favorable to learning.



3º Create significant/happy learning

Participating in a training or workshop is synonym of acquiring new skills, opening new doors (in itself a skill sometimes forgotten or rusty) and to share points of view and experiences.

Therefore, the trainer must be able to go beyond expectations, to use his/her creativity and to transform a learning into a unique and memorable moment – a moment that we can go back to days and months later and remember with a smile. Learning can and should be a moment of happiness! 



4º Be different

Sometimes we have plenty of ideas but we always find an excuse not to do it: too difficult, not enough room, no materials, its expensive, and so on. As a trainer we can liberate ourselves from these kind of excuses and to let ourselves be inspired by the idea we have.  

It is always possible to do what we want, maybe not always as we initially thought of, but maybe in a different shape. Look for alternatives, use your creativity and dare to be different during the training. This is indeed what we as participants remember: that one trainer that is different, who can surprise us and make us smile.




Several recent studies on neuroscience, psychology and economy have established a cause-effect connection between motivated staff, happiness at work and a better performance at work. This makes positive training methodologies an important ally in the success of your company.

 So we can obtain the very best from a training, as trainers we have to ‘live it’, trigger emotions and reflection from the very beginning of the training to the farewell – We dare to be different!


These were some of the training principles our trainers follow. We hope you enjoyed our sharing.


Remember: the secret ingredient to an exceptional training lies with the trainer, let’s not forget that!



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