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She leads: 

Women in Leadership                                          

Leadership tools, skills and mindset to address your biggest challenges                        

Women in leadership program for powerful female leaders

This training develops outstanding female leaders. 

It equips women leaders with the skills & tools needed at each step and challenge, creating powerful women as next-generation leaders.

Who for? 

  • Women managers, women entrepreneurs and women in current (or future) leadership roles   
  • Women interested in increasing their influence as well as their personal and professional impact 


At the end of the training the participants will be able to: 

  • Identify and be able to set oneself free of constraints to your leadership 
  • Identify own areas for development and personal/ professional objectives for leadership roles
  • Use communication as a positioning tool 
  • Plan and manage using strategic tools 
  • Develop a leadership style that fits you and is authentic 
  • To increase personal influence and impact


Exploring my leadership

  • Leadership role: what does it take?
  • Needs, values and beliefs
  • Obstacles for women leaders
  • Strengths and areas for development 

Positioning oneself

  • My objectives, my obstacles, my options
  • Increasing personal and professional visibility
  • The keys to communication and influencing 
  • Removing barriers to progress (leading at work, career objectives and leadership roles)

Making progress daily 

  • Managing daily: efficiently and strategically
  • Making professional relationships work: influence and impact
  • Personal action plan

This training has been designed to give you the leadership tools, skills and mindset you need to address your biggest challenges as women leader: being perceived and recognized as a leader, have a career plan connected with personal aims, and be able to remove barriers to personal and professional progress/ success.
 It will give you the necessary action tools and skills to improve your leadership, boost your confidence and be more strategic in your growth and career objectives.

She leads: Women in Leadership


Leadership tools, skills and mindset to address your biggest challenges

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