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Power to drive results

Leadership & Management development


Develop stronger and better leaders and managers that are capable to create stable, adaptive and confident teams and organisations that generate results. 
Leadership development programme


Intensive challenges for leaders: an engaging and transformational learning programme that accelerates individual and organisational performance.




Our leadership programme focuses on providing intensive challenges and learning opportunities for leaders to accelerate their leadership potential and deliver high performance and transformational results.


For five days, participants are immersed in experiential activities and skill-building exercises. In a challenging environment for learning, practice, reflection and goal setting. The ultimate programme which hones and transforms your leadership qualities by sharpening your ability to lead and inspire others, and to navigate around critical business challenges.


The only leadership programme which combines hands-on practice with open-air challenges, which takes you out of the office space (and of your comfort zone) and prepares you to be physically and mentally fit to be the leader of the future. Our practise-oriented approach will leave you inspired, so that you return to your organisation energised and committed to further impact the organisation, as well as equipped with new ideas and tools to further progress as a leader.


Who for?


 Our Leadership Programme is specifically designed for the senior professionals with management experience.
Participants include:
  • High-impact individuals with + 5 years’ experience in roles of increasing responsibility who want to further develop as leaders
  • Directors, Managers, Heads of department, Team and Project senior managers, as well as those with significant business responsibilities and high potential for more senior leadership positions
  • Experienced managers with an increasing demand to lead and influence people
  • Senior staff responsible for driving high performing teams, leading business outcomes or company transformations
  • Executives wishing to further impact organisational results by becoming fast-track and better leaders





 You will leave the programme with a tangible action plan to inspire and lead others, to ignite organisational change and to drive outcomes in moments of critical business challenges.


At the end of this programme, you will be better prepared to:

  • Identify and develop effective leadership qualities in yourself and others
  • Exercise problem-solving and good decision-making under pressure or uncertainty
  • Tackle the challenges of modern leadership by effectively managing and leading people and processes up and down the organization
  • Adjust your personal leadership style with the demands of the situation and organization
  • Mobilise others through personal influence and sharp communication skills to building agreement and cooperation
  • Lead and empower those you work with, and inspire the best performance from your people
  • Think and be strategic, guiding and inspiring others to achieve the best future possible

For five days, participants are immersed in experiential activities and skill-building exercises. In a challenging environment for learning, practice, reflection and goal setting.





Our Leadership Programme has 4 interlocking parts focusing on the main pillars of high-impact leadership:                                                                                                              


Strategy & Decision-making

- Creating and driving strategy - Decision-making in uncertainty

Communication & Influence

- Tactful and powerful communication - Context and perception - Building relationships and influence

Leading people

- High-performance team dynamics - Managing upwards - Leading people strategically

Self-awareness & own development

- Exploring leadership + leadership challenges - What kind of leadership? - Leadership mindset and behaviours

What to expect


  • Expect an interactive experience that engages you from beginning until the end
  • Expect bold experiential activities where your human and strategic qualities will further advance
  • Expect to uplift your business and personal leadership capabilities
  • Expect to be challenged                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


The leadership programme includes:


  • Pre and post-programme assessment
  • Experiential and field activities in which participants put their leadership skills and decision-making to the test
  • Open air activities with hands-on challenges for practice
  • Peer working groups to provide feedback, insight and support
  • Individual follow-up sessions to plan an action plan and ensure learning is applied back into the organisation


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Real leaders


are ordinary people with extraordinary determination and people focus



Management development programme

Coming soon!
Our Management development programme will soon be available. In the meanwhile check out our management trainings!!! 

Further information


Both programme are available worldwide and you can join them independently of where you are in in the globe. As an organisation you can also request for a tailored company programme with only your staff attending and at the location of your choice.


Our programmes are usually conducted in English or French. Other languages are possible on request. 
Dates and availability
Please contact us for information on locations and places available.