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Learning Santa

                     has arrived!
Do some social good!

Cold weather has arrived, and Santa is preparing the reindeers already for a busy night. Can you believe it – we are getting close to Christmas !

Chameleon is already in a very Christmassy mood and this year again are sharing the warmth of Christmas with others. After all, the spirit of Christmas is all about sharing and giving.

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Learning Santa

So this year with your help Learning Santa is supporting a social cause of your choice.

This November and December for every training booked with us by the 31/12/2018 we are supporting a social cause are of your choice. 

We want to give away as much to social causes as we can, and for this we will need your help!

How does it work?

For your organisation to help Learning Santa, you need to:


1 – Book a training with us by 31/12/2018.The booking needs to be done before the end of the year, and if you wish the training can even take place in 2019. All our training is tailor-made (get some ideas from training we have conducted already) or contact us.​

2 – Choose your favourite social cause – This year we are supporting ANAK and MSF You only need to choose which one!​

3 – Be acknowledged by your support – The Social cause you support will know they are getting a “gift” from your organisation: we will also acknowledge your support on social media, meaning your customers will know you care about giving back.

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Help Santa and the reindeers !

What else can you do to help the Learning Santa?


1 – Share it on social media – More people will contact Learning Santa if they hear about it. #LearningSanta   @LearnChameleon​

2 – Tell your company about Learning Santa – Ask your company to do some social good this Xmas. Your corporate responsibility programme will love it.​

3 – Take it to your friends – Talk about Learning Santa with your friends and ask them to share it around. Even if you can’t help Santa; maybe they can.

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ANAK works to educate children from remote villages on the island of Bali, in areas where more than 60% of the population lives below the poverty threshold. In partnership with local communities, Anak helps and guides more than 250 children in their studies, from primary school to university, thanks to the financial support of morethan 300 godparents, donors, partners and foundations.

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MSF is an international humanitarian  medical non-governmental organisation (NGO) best known for its projects in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases. 

Conditions of the campaign:

The Learning Santa's campaign is valid under the following conditions:

• Booking of the training should take place before the 31/12/2018.
• The campaign is valid worldwide.
• The training delivery should take place between 30/10/2018 and 31/08/2019.