How to set your brain for success

Lately, I started reading a new book that inspired me quite a bit: Le cerveau du Bonheur. One thing it reminded me of is that our brain tend to keep hold of the negative events that take place throughout our lives. These recollections are retained in our memory archives, in a similar way to a protection in case we face a comparable event.

This functions as an unconscious automatism, a way for our body to warn and alert us. If you repeat the same negative event or conditions 5 years later, you will notice that your body has created and triggers its own alarm system, warning you through small signals. And you quickly feel it as stress, distress or anxiety.

To change this mind predisposition, we need to switch our way of thinking, and change our way of perceiving everything in black and white. Basically, by reprogramming our brain! Said this way it may seem a little absurd, yet absolutely possible. When facing a negative situation or an event that triggers anxiety, we tend to only focus on its harmful side. However, in reality we should take a moment to withdrawal from the situation, a moment of reflection, to evaluate and analyse the situation formulate it into something with positive possibilities and results.

Allow me to explain myself based on the book. The author tells the story of a trip he completed. During his trip he climbed a mountain, and he explains to readers how he remembers feeling satisfaction, pleasure and calmness. Nevertheless, he explains that in the very moment of climbing his feelings were quite negative, as he remembered the atrocious pain in his feet, the burning heat during the ascent and the feeling of being extenuated.

This is the transformation that I am referring to, because the author has overturned all the negative atmosphere into a positive memory. Seize the moment to keep positive memories, and refrain from the tendency to remember mostly the negative side.

The advice is to do it slowly: start by focusing first on little moments, and then converting your negative memories into positives.

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