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Feedback and Feedforward communication tools

Improve your professional relationships and outcomes with the use of effective feedback and feedforward communication techniques

''Feedback is the breakfast of champions”   Ken Blanchard

Constructive feedback creates growth and learning, and that independently of if it's positive feedback or negative feedback. The purpose of constructive feedback is to give feedback to an individual in a way that will lead to improvements or corrections. 

Nevertheless, we need to know the method and how to provide constructive feedback for it to bring the growth we expect. 

In this training we are covering feedback types, the correct method to provide feedback and giving feedback examples. There are plenty of examples on how to give constructive feedback and practice so you feel at ease doing it after this training.

Who for? 

Managers, team managers, coordinators and leaders who have performance and people development responsibilities

Anyone wishing to acquire communication skills to communicate more efficiently with their co-workers, managers, clients, suppliers, etc.


At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Using communication skills to avoid and solve conflict situations
  • Improve performance at work through the use of high performing and neutral communication 
  • Use the feedforward communication technique to ensure better results at work, while investing less time and energy


Communicating effectively

  • Communication: tools and skills
  • Relationships at work and performance


  • Advantages of using feedback
  • Structure
  • How to use feedback at work


  • Advantages of feedforward technique
  • How to use feedforward at work
  • Using feedback and feedforward to improve professional outcomes
  • Action plan

Feedback and feedforward are very effective and powerful communication tools to develop people and teams because they are at the heart of good team management.
During this training, you will improve your communication skills to win trust with your colleagues, retain clients and staff members, solve problems and avoid conflicts.
A lot of benefits from one simple skill.
Understand the full potential of using effective techniques in everyday life

Feedback and Feedforward communication tools


Improve your professional relationships and outcomes with the use of effective feedback and feedforward communication techniques

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