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We develop remarkable eLearning tailored to your needs

 to ensure your people are fully prepared and geared with the practices and skills to perform at their best.

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Why successful companies are using eLearning

In the last years, many companies have experienced a massive increase in size and growth. Expansion and market needs have taken companies across borders, so companies have a much more global disperse workforce. 

As it grows, a company needs a wider and different range of skills. Elearning is a powerful delivery modality which has the potential to transform your organisation.

How eLearning can help your business

  • Reducing training time: Elearning can significantly reduce staff training time (typically 40-60% less than a traditional setting).

  • Cost reduction: In-house training tends to be more expensive than eLearning.  Elearning can be developed once and used many times, eliminating costs with training rooms and the presence of highly skilled trainers. 
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility: When course content and activities are provided online they are accessible anytime and everywhere. Elearning training courses are available across devices, including mobiles. And nowadays everyone owns a smartphone. This creates more opportunities for learning (such as commutes).
  • Track learners' progress: With online courses being delivered via a Learning Management System (LMS), a software platform, you can monitor and track the progress of your learners automatically. 
  • Increase collaboration: Training people with eLearning fosters collaboration between a dispersed workforce. When your staff learns together, solves challenges together and communicate more often that creates higher engagement and an empowering learning environment.

Our eLearning projects

We transform your training into engaging eLearning experiences that captivate learners and improve their performance. We deliver better results with less effort

With online learning you can:

Track learning progress

See first-hand how learners have completed modules and if they are experiencing difficulty in any of the topics.

Be cost effective & efficient

Reduces time taken away from the office, removes travel and printing costs, hence saves you money and increases workplace productivity.

Ensure consistency

Each learner is equipped with the same training basis which creates a coherent and complete set of skills among all staff

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Practical application

We design learning experiences based on actions and practices, so that there is a direct application of the content onto the workplace. This makes learners 1) recall information instantly, 2) retain learning for longer, and 3) apply it to their work easily.

Learn anywhere, anytime

Flexibility and access to choose when to learn. Learners are more available and predisposed to learn and disruptions are minimised. We use microlearning to train your staff on crucial topics for your company, in just a few minutes per day.

We deliver the results you need

Whatever your elearning project, we can partner with you to get it done. 

Our speciality is transforming dry or tedious training into engaging and participatory elearning your staff is eager to participate in. Boring compliance training? No longer a problem. Your staff will no longer run away from it. 

We use scenario-based elearning and gamification, simulations, etc., so that learners can better apply learning into their organisation.

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Let's collaborate and create engaging eLearning together!

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Mobile learning on the tip of your fingers

Anytime, Anywhere

Online learning can be a very rich learning experience that can surpass training you might experience in a typical classroom. We design our e-learning to be hands-on, practical learning modules.

Tailored eLearning

We create customised, engaging content and scenarios which facilitate application into the organisation.


We collaborate with each of our clients in the development of online learning, tailoring them to your specific needs and requirements. We advise on the different online learning possibilities and what best suits your needs.