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Effective presentation skills                             

Develop your communication skills for presentation to deliver targeted, convincing and captivating presentations

Presentation skills training 

Acquire communication and presentation skills that keep your audience engaged with a powerful message formulation and delivery. 

This effective presentation skills training will give you insights and tips for public speaking with confidence.

Who for? 

Professionals wishing to acquire techniques to present products, projects, strategies and ideas with more confidence and impact.

All people wanting to master their public speaking, and improve communication skills.


At the end of the training, participants will be able to: 

  • Target and adapt your message according to your audience and aims, while respecting possible constraints (time, resources, etc.)
  • Structure of the content of presentations
  • Make use of communication aids to support a presentation
  • Better manage stress and increase confidence levels
  • Prepare own voice for public speaking through specific exercises
  • Captivate attention and convince an audience with awesome presentation skills.


Planning your presentation 

  • Objectives, audience and constraints
  • Structuring a presentation
  • Planning effectively
  • Presentation aids: powerpoint presentation tips

Preparing to present

  • Understand and overcome stage fright
  • Preparing voice and body: projecting a professional image
  • Developing a personal communication style


  • Improving non-verbal communication
  • Listening and responding to your audience
  • Handling challenging questions

Effective presentation skills


Develop your communication skills and presentation skills to deliver targeted,



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convincing and captivating presentations

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