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Change management                               

Change Management tools and skills to guide and achieve organisational transformation

What is change management? 

A common change management definition is that it is a systematic approach to dealing with transitions or transformations inside an organization, be it regarding on its goals, its processes or technologies.
It's a structured approach that ensures changes are implemented thoroughly and smoothly – and have the desired impact.
Change impacts the whole organization and all the people in it. Nevertheless, with good change management processes and tools, you can encourage everyone to adapt to and embrace a different way of working and the changes recently added.
Who for? 

Managers, team leaders and team staff involved in implementing and leading organizational change management

Everyone in the organization, as everyone is concerned with achieving organization strategy through effective change management


At the end of the training the participants will be able to: 

  • Understand resistance factors to individual, team and organisational change 
  • Identify conditions to allow for change in self and others to take place
  • Use different tools and change management process to facilitate change according to the situation 
  • Select change management tools to achieve business strategy and manage complex organisational changes 
  • Define change agents, roles and accountabilities


Understanding change

  • Change management definition
  • Individual, team and organizational change
  • Resistance to change

Planning and Managing change

  • Managing change in self and others
  • Personality, perspectives and change
  • Tools to facilitate change

Leading change

  • Tools for change management
  • Achieving organisational strategy through effective change management
  • Managing complex organisational change 
  • Creating multi-level change agents and roles

We live in an ever-changing world with environment and markets moving and changing faster than ever. This requires companies to adjust to new systems and implement strategies that can feel very disruptive. Change management training can help ensure the transition to new processes goes smoothly.

This workshop has been designed to bring you change management tools and process you can use on an everyday basis.
The content takes into consideration individual, team and organisational resistance to change and offers options to lead your organisation through change.

Change management


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Change Management tools and skills to guide and achieve 

organisational transformation

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