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23 February 2021

With the advent of mobile devices and the democratization of wireless networks, we have become almost permanently connected and the internet has becom...


4 Elements to build trust as a Leader

30 December 2020

A team who trusts their leader feels more committed, happier at work, and is much more likely to stay in a company for a longer period of time. Trust ...


Best 6 elearning platforms (LMS) comparison, including moodle

13 December 2020

Online training is becoming more and more frequent and is no longer the ‘avoid at all cost’ element when compared to face-to-face training...


How to use social learning to enhance your online learning programs

3 July 2019

You have probably heard about social learning, right? But have you been using social learning to enhance your online learning programs? In this articl...


How to use the 70/20/10 model to enhance your learning programs

14 June 2019

You have probably heard about the 70/20/10 model right? Ever wondered how to apply it best to your learning programs? In this article I am sharing how...


5 ways to Supercharge Your Training ROI with online learning

13 June 2019

Ever wondered what small adaptations to your online courses and training delivery can bring you a higher training Return on Investment (ROI)? In ...

Learning technology

HR trends and insights for 2019

19 December 2018

From HR Inspiration London HR Inspiration was 2 weeks ago in London and we had such a nice experience and exchanges with fellow participants that we w...


Is your company culture scaring away your talent?

31 October 2018

Its Halloween season, and everywhere creepy decorations with ghosts and spiders have been making their appearance, both in homes and public spaces. Ha...


How to set your brain for success

10 September 2018

Lately, I started reading a new book that inspired me quite a bit: Le cerveau du Bonheur. One thing it reminded me of is that our brain tend to keep h...


3 Habits to Capitalize on your Staff Training while keeping on a Minimum Budget

3 May 2018

Ever wondered if some habits and techniques could allow you to keep your budget on track and better capitalise on the investment you are making on peo...


Virtual reality in learning: applications far beyond just video games

7 February 2018

Virtual reality (VR) has become a buzzword on its own, more and more present. But what do we know concretely about it? Nowadays, virtual reality is a ...


How to improve learning transfer at different organisational levels

24 January 2018

Some experts estimate that only around 20% of training and training related investments lead to some form of organizational benefit. This issue is com...


5 reasons why fully immersive learning is the future

17 January 2018

The effectiveness of hands-on learning isn’t new, and many organisations throughout the world have been making the move towards more participative lea...


4 insights from the Lisbon Web Summit every company needs to know

15 November 2017

The whole world has been watching the Lisbon Web Summit last week as media have been massively covering the event. Independently if you are working in...


6 Happiness and success secrets of high performing companies

13 April 2017

Beyond the fact of being extremely successful, many organisations make a difference by creating an exceptionally happy workforce and culture. Can happ...


Amazing leaders I’ve met

11 March 2016

After reading so many unflattering articles on poor leadership, meagre bosses and bullying behaviour around the office lately, I got the impression th...


How to use collaboration for problem-solving

17 June 2015

MAPPING OPTIONS  Here is a tool or strategy we have used with great success in some of our workshops. It’s a method which uses collaboration for...