Best 6 elearning platforms (LMS) comparison, including moodle

Online training is becoming more and more frequent and is no longer the ‘avoid at all cost’ element when compared to face-to-face training.  We can thank this increase to the new technologies that have made online platforms more and more reliable and a vehicle of choice for all those who want to continue learning. But also at this time when many people are in lockdown or working from home, online training courses makes more and more sense.


One of the most frequent requests we have is to help companies, training centers and schools find the ideal solution to put their courses online. Many know moodle but ask us the question:

– Is the moodle platform reliable? And what alternatives to moodle platform do you have?

– Is there a portuguese or french moodle version?

– What is the best elearning platform? 

– Is there any open source elearning platform available?

– What kind of online courses can be offered online?

The truth is that there are many quality online platforms, but they are not always the right one for each company or training center or school. And it’s not easy to choose or compare considering the range of features as well as prices.

Top 6 Elearning Platforms

With our accumulated experience in e-Learning solutions, we would like to share with you our best 6 LMS platforms to help you decide which LMS platform is best suited to your needs. For this, download the free comparison and make your own decision.

Believe us when we say that there are really great platforms out there, but not all of them are ideal for you or your company or yourself as training provider, so it is best to make a comparison pondered by various criteria and choose according to what best suits you.