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Advance LMS

An integrated platform to learn online 

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Your online courses in a platform that delivers results

Advance is the Learning Management System (LMS) you have been waiting for. It is a complete and integrated delivery solution for having your courses online, suitable for companies, training centres, non-profits, universities and schools.

It's the latest solution for managing and delivering your online course easily and intuitively, which allows you and your organisation to manage instructors and learners easily and to create and share your courses online. 

Advance is an LMS elearning platform with a twist: a scalable and robust platform, yet fully customisable and anchored in social learning. Because we know we learn better when in collaboration with others.


Boost employee productivity

Better training means employees become more knowledgeable about products and services and have the ability to perform at a higher level. Getting employees to work more efficiently benefits your company and its outcomes. Well-prepared staff have a positive contribution to the success of the business and are also more likely to remain loyal to the company (better collective achievements and better retention).


Deliver content instantly

Using Advance as an online learning platform centralizes training and data storage. It unites learning materials in one consolidated system – the Advance LMS. With all the content in one place, your online training courses can be delivered quickly and conveniently, allowing staff to acquire new knowledge and skills immediately and instantly.


Reduces training and development costs

Training employees is always worthwhile but it can require a huge training budget to make it effective. Online courses reduce training costs because there is no longer a need for printed materials, costly travel and accommodation, on-site facilitators and time involved in taking employees away from their daily work to participate in scheduled training sessions.


Mobility + Accessibility

Companies are becoming global. And that is likely where your company is heading too!  The biggest advantage of using Advance for training your team is that your people do not need to travel or be physically present to be trained.
Your team can access the online courses via the platform anywhere, anytime. No matter what time zone you are in, wherever the location and device you are using (laptop, mobile phone, tablet) you are able to access and to learn wherever and whenever.


Better results from training

When you use the Advance LMS for your online courses, it's easy to collect data and to generate reports based on different requirements and needs. And the analysis of the data collected automatically can quickly provide an overview of content, courses and employee progress and results which can help your business improve your training strategy.
And better training means better results for your company, as well as a higher success rate.
Business benefits of Advance
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Fully Customisable

Your own corporate identity, logo and design. Your LMS as you've always wanted it.
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Engaging learning environment
Learning experiences in a light and interactive format
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User friendly
Intuitive design for administrators and easy to use for learners
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Easy reporting
Simple and straight-forward analytics on learning activities and progress

Advance is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) used by organizations around the globe. We have awesome community features and customer support






Content creation

Create courses and learning materials easily

Content delivery

Engaging learning environment with info on progress

Social learning

Enabling learners to learn by collaborating with each other

Assessment and progress

Integrated assessment tools which reinforce and measure learning

Learning admin

Easy to manage learning environment. Content, trainers and learners management at the distance of a click.

Content storage and management

Easy to upload and organise training content and materials

Responsive design

Intuitive design that fits any device: laptop or mobile. Your learners will have the embarrassment of choice.

Compliant with standards

Consistent with the latest industry standards in content interoperability: SCORM compliant, and wide variety of accepted file formats


Up to 200 Users Easy reporting and metrics 1-15 Courses Minimum 50 Users 24/7 support


Between 201 to 1000 users Easy reporting and metrics 1-50 courses Multiple users type Responsive LMS design 24/7 Support


Between 1001 and 2500 users Easy reporting and metrics Unlimited courses Multiple users type Responsive LMS design LMS branding Dedicated support Multilingual platform User security and protection Multiple users type Data security & backup


Mobile-Optimized Powerful Metrics Free Domain Annual Purchase 24/7 Support


Mobile-Optimized Powerful Metrics Free Domain Annual Purchase 24/7 Support


Mobile-Optimized Powerful Metrics Free Domain Annual Purchase 24/7 Support

  • Migration Support

    We support you in moving content and data you already had stored onto our LMS. We can even do it for you! Migrating to Advance LMS becomes easy and efficient. With no data loss.

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