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Everything About Us



We provide learning solutions that improve business performance


What we do

We create and deliver training courses & learning programs that bring results to people and organisations. How? By creating a memorable learning experience. We embrace the singularity of your company, consider your challenges and work around your constraints to create awesome learning experiences. 

Our variety of training and learning solutions delivers improved business performance and measurable results to our clients. Our services include: tailored training programmes; elearning course custom development, virtual reality (VR) learning, leadership and management skills training and organisation development services. 


Training, Workshops, online learning: inspiring & innovative learning.


Flexibility to learn anywhere & anytime. Elearning & LMS platform to learn online easily.

VR learn

Fully immersive learning: we use VR as technology for practice and learning.


Leadership & management skills training to deliver high performance and transformational results.


Online course management and delivery, create and share your courses online, manage instructors and learners easily

We offer

  • Leadership and Management programs - training courses and workshops for first-time managers to directors and C-suite level.

  • eLearning - We create bespoke digital online learning courses for any subject. We specialise in making dry or tedious training materials into engaging eLearning.

  • Training courses - training for staff on a wide range of topics from project management to excel, team management, sales and communication skills.
  • LMS - We provide integrated eLearning delivery systems (LMS) to companies, training centres, non-profits and schools to create and share courses online.

All of these are customised to respond to our clients' business problems.

  • We believe in

    Challenging people and organisations

    To constantly improve and advance, to think and work differently.

  • We do this by

    Changing the way organisations learn.

    We make your people reach into their full potential through lively, participatory, digital and truly different learning.

  • As a result,

    Your people sparkle

    With enthusiasm and inspiration at work and your organisation becomes even more agile and performing.

We are learning innovators 

  We leverage technology to enable better staff development, ensuring companies are people-focused and innovation-minded for growth.  

We improve performance at work by developing and challenging people to think, learn and work differently.

How we do it

Organisations are a product of their people, their engagement, drive, capabilities, adaptability and creativity .

Hence we develop your people to boost your organisation’s performance by helping it become more agile, responsive and adaptive.

We help organisations achieve results by motivating, developing and inspiring its people to transform their potential into performance.

Colaborative approch
Results driven

Transformational learning experiences


Fresh and disruptive approach to learning


Powerful and effective learning


Fun and engaging experiences

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Looking at training differently

Our different and extraordinary learning approach to develop skills; 
knowledge and behaviours that are readily and immediately transferable to the workplace.

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Games and play is the most effective (and fun!) way for people to learn because it ties into intrinsic and human motivators that underlie our brain wiring. 
This is why we integrate games throughout our live training sessions and elearning (known as gamification) to increase participants engagement and speed up the learning process.
We use a proven powerful methodology that greatly increases people capacity to learn, problem-solve and create (based on the brain’s natural learning cycle).                                
We create an interactive environment in which knowledge and skills are easily acquired and retained. 
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Because the true goal of learning is to bring value to each person and organisation!                                                                                                                
Our approach:
Enhance the application of learning to the workplace
Improve memory retention and for a longer period of time
Reduce training time (hence save time and money) so more efficient. 
Positive and engaging
Studies demonstrate that a positive emotional state (such as when you’re having fun) increases the quality of learning and performance.                                               
And because we learn best when we enjoy the learning experience we design our trainings to be joyful and engaging!
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Participatory and lively
Our learning approach is participatory.Courses and workshops are built upon activities, role plays, games, case studies and other best practice in the training field. 
Hence, participants acquire and practice skills while being supported by the facilitator, during very lively and interesting lively experiences. 
Belgium, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Marocco, United Arab Emirates