6 Happiness & success secrets of high performing companies

Beyond the fact of being extremely successful, many organisations make a difference by creating an exceptionally happy workforce and culture.

Can happiness and successfulness be intimately related? We believe so. After working with many companies we discovered that the most successful and happy organisations share common traits.
Here are some of the 6 secrets we’ve witnessed in many of the organisations we’ve worked with:

1.They look ahead (Vision and strategy)

  A strong and clear vision defines and drives the activities of the entire organization and the decision-making around their everyday work. It goes beyond a well-crafted business plan sitting on a drawer, the vision and the strategy are present in people’s minds and many times highlighted in the office walls.
   In successful organisations people are part of the strategy for success, and they know their role and how to get there. And at the same time there is something tremendously inspiring about envisaging the future ahead.

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2. They communicate effectively

   Managers and leaders consciously spend a great deal of time communicating within their organisation to create a shared vision and meaning, and together build common ground.
   Communication is characterised by openness and transparency (problems are discussed, solutions are sought together) and important information is shared across the organisation (no hidden hand) so that successful practices are replicated and errors avoided.

3. They inspire

   They have a solid culture which incorporates common values and practices into their work, and have the ability to inspire alignment across the organisation.
   Their organisational culture resonates with key values such as engagement, participation, service, etc. which more and more people identify with (it fits with their own beliefs and values). Above all culture is a carrier of meaning, it means people feel part of a ‘story’ and contribute to it, and responds to every human being need of belonging.

4. They care

   These organisations have a strong view about the role of people within the organisation and integrate specific policies and ideas such as work/life balance, leaves, pensions, health and well-being into their business culture.
   They understand their workforce needs, deeply care for workers welfare and implement a full series of measures to make them feel supported at whatever stage of their lives.

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5. They grow people

   They embrace and support the growth, development and success of its people.
   They understand that their survival in a world of continuous change is only possible through a culture of continuous improvement and learning. They invest in people through diverse learning and development opportunities as a direct investment in growth and development of the organisation. As a result, collaborators feel more engaged, motivated and up for the challenge with a smile.

6. They celebrate success

   Successful and happy organisations allocate time to celebrating success together, making people part of the collective achievements. 
   Either informally in-house through a cocktail or pizza parties or in a more organised way with external suppliers or via other means, the organisation recognises it owes its success to people and rewards them in accordance.
Creating a successful and happy organisation starts with a state of mind. If you’re willing to adopt such an approach to your organisation, you can surely achieve it. 
This is how some organisations are choosing to create happy and successful organisations. There are many more habits and actions organisations do to lead to vibrant, energised people contributing at the highest levels in thriving workplaces, their own secrets. 

What is yours?

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