4 insights from the Lisbon Web Summit every company needs to know

The whole world has been watching the Lisbon Web Summit last week as media have been massively covering the event.

Independently if you are working in the Tech industry or not, we have collected 4 insights from our participation at the Web Summit that you and your organisation should definitely know. Get inspired from these as they summarise some talks and discussions observed, and indications on future trends.

1- Interest in tech has skyrocketed

Interest in tech is not only high but at its highest so far. The proof? Over 60 000 attendants from around 170 countries, 1300 investors, 2600 journalists, 1200 speakers and 2250 exhibitor companies were present at the web summit last week. Tickets for the 3 days event were sold out ahead of its start, and many people were still probing the internet for any last-minute attendants cancelling their participation, and asking for tickets which could be reassigned.

Avast showed security threats handled every day, Slack was present as a platform to collaborate with people at distance and Google GDELT project tracks news data from all over the world to monitor what is happening. AI seems to be everywhere.

Tech is not (only) for techies and those in Tech related industries, Tech is everywhere. And if your company still hasn’t opened yet to the potential of technology, then it definitely should and soon (rather sooner than too late).

2- VR is up and coming

VR (virtual reality) was the topic of many talks, meetings, and at the core of the solutions presented by many start-ups present. So if you think VR was a done deal think again. VR Learn (VR for learning purposes) met and welcomed many enthusiasts among event attendees and company CEOs, and all those interested in changing the face of learning.

Other VR companies were also very present to introduce new developed solutions which interact with VR, so much more is still under way.

3- It starts with people

Tech is your best enabler to get to people. Full stop.

To remain in the market, companies need to keep themselves focused on the customer and on the value they bring to the customer. Tech is the crucial ally in creating a connection with people, in maintaining that connection and foreseeing future trends or changes. Hence you need to surround yourself with tech that provides you the relevant data to support your decisions.


4- Innovation is not only a (buzz)word

Innovation was the word used in every meeting and in nearly every pitch. So we might easily say it’s a buzzword, but that would be fading its true meaning.

Innovation is not only technical, it’s a mindset. It’s the ability to consider how to make changes and evolve into everything that is done. And innovation is at the core and in the mindset of the companies participating.

Uber presented its plans for the future of ride-sharing and the least you can say is they are innovative. They were focused on innovation and invention in every detail of their plans, looking into alternatives for challenges encountered and still believing better solutions can be found for the ride-sharing new yet fast-growing industry.